HemaFlo Therapeutics, Inc. is an early stage company founded to commercialize a novel new device for the treatment of acute kidney injury and other ischemic conditions. The device is a very dilute solution of drag-reducing polymer (DRP) that is simply delivered intravenously to patients.

Drag-reducing polymers have been studied in animals since the mid-1970’s and have shown dramatic benefits in disease models such as heart attack, hemorrhagic shock, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. The work has received little attention because the mechanism of action was unknown until just recently.

HemaFlo Therapeutics has shown that drag-reducing polymers can be used to treat a very common and deadly condition that has a very attractive commercialization pathway. Acute kidney injury has no effective treatment and there are as many new cases in the US each year as for heart attacks, strokes, and cancer combined! Acute kidney injury is not widely perceived to be a serious problem because most cases occur in the hospital as a consequence of other diseases or procedures, resolve in a week or two, and the deaths are coded as heart failure (loss of regulation of electrolytes), respiratory failure (loss of regulation of fluids), or sepsis.

HemaFlo Therapeutics has assembled a great team of experts and entrepreneurs to speed our first products to market.

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